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The Incredible New Android App That Just Got Even Better… Here’s What You Need To Know.

The must-have Android app for 2023 has just added more features, and its awesome. If you own an Android device, this will be the most useful article you read…

If you live in the U.S, you have probably already heard about TotalAV – the popularity of this new app has grown fast among Android users as more and more people realize their personal data is not as private as it once was.

With mobile phone technology now able to process as much as a desktop computer, many people are trusting their personal and precious information in their phone storage. However, they don’t realize that their data is being shared, and unprotected phone devices make them an easier target for cybercriminals.

Last year, a hacker stole personal data every 39 seconds, with victims of fraud losing on average $10,000 each. This is set to rise in 2023.

That’s where TotalAV comes in….TotalAV has long protected internet users with enterprise-level security, and with the recent increases in mobile fraud, they have produced a full-featured protection suite for Android which is now available to the public… for only $3!!! 

The app will scan your Android device for hidden malware, check the dark web to see if your information has been breached, remove all website tracking cookies, remove adware, spyware and viruses.

In addition to this, TotalAV have also included built-in security against internet phishing scams and fraud websites, and there is a cool feature to easily clear your browser history and cache.

  • ✅ Fed up of annoying ads?  No problem! The app contains a function that lets you disable them and choose only the ads you want to see.
  • ✅ Concerned about your overall security? This app will mask all of your online traffic so your personal information stays private. The additional network layer provides enhanced security, and will even change your devices IP to keep your information protected.
  • Password management causing you a headache?  Store your passwords away from hackers and other prying eyes with the secure vault provided in the app. This will make password management a dream rather than a nightmare!

With all this included in the package, It’s no wonder people are rushing to claim a copy of this incredible app, at the incredible price of $3. This really is the only security product you need.

TotalAV has long had a reputation for providing users with top-of-the-line computer security, and it is no surprise millions of users have already downloaded their mobile version.

Claim Your $3 Protection

You are probably asking yourself  ‘So, is this software really the best smartphone protection?’

It’s not just us that believe they are the #1 app for your Android security… even Trustpilot has ranked them the #1 Online Security Software. At such a cheap price, it is no shock there is so much hype surrounding it!

So how do I claim my copy of the app?

Step 1: Simply visit the Official $3 Android Promotion Here or click the button below

Step 2: Fill in your email address and pay $3.

Step 3: Install your TotalAV security app from the Android store, sign in using your email address and instantly activate your security.

You will instantly be given 2 additional free licenses for your PC, laptop or tablet so be sure to install your protection on those as well, at no extra cost.

This deal won’t last forever, especially as the app becomes more popular. For now, at a price of only $3, we recommend installing the app today to make the most of this deal.

Do yourself a favor, claim this deal and stay ahead of cybercrime… your future self will thank you.

Claim Your $3 Protection



** TotalAV’s recent reports for their latest awards can be found here:

TotalAV Awarded VB100 Award


TotalAV is an AV-Test TOP PRODUCT

Eine Microsoft-Windows-Erweiterung kann jetzt alle Anzeigen blockieren und Ihr Surferlebnis beschleunigen…

Wenn Sie wie alle anderen auch die lästige Werbung satthaben, die Ihren Computer verlangsamt, dann sollten Sie sich dies nicht entgehen lassen …

Sie können jetzt alle unerwünschten Anzeigen auf allen Websites entfernen. Hierzu zählen auch Nachrichten-Websites, Social-Media-Apps wie Facebook, Twitter und sogar Videoanzeigen auf YouTube.

Heutzutage kann man nur schwer ein Video ansehen, eine Nachrichtenseite durchsuchen oder sogar online einkaufen, ohne mit nerviger Werbung konfrontiert zu werden. Dies ist nicht nur lästig, sondern verlangsamt auch Ihren Computer.

Im Durchschnitt laden Webseiten 400 % schneller, wenn sie nicht durch Werbung verlangsamt werden. Die Leute sind ganz wild auf dieses fantastische neue Tool, weil es Apple-Mac-Besitzern einen schnelleren, aufgeräumteren Browser ohne Werbung bietet. Millionen haben die Erweiterung bereits installiert und viele weitere wollen sie sich noch schnell holen.

Es war noch nie einfacher, Anzeigen zu entfernen und schneller im Internet zu surfen.

Und was passiert, wenn Sie sich ein Produkt bei Amazon oder eBay ansehen? Erhalten Sie dann in den nächsten 3 Monaten auf jeder Website nur noch Anzeigen für dieses Produkt? Dies liegt daran, dass Werbetreibende Sie verfolgen!

Und die bittere Wahrheit ist, dass Anzeigen immer schlimmer werden. Aufdringlicher, nerviger und schadhafter.

Die gute Nachricht ist, dass Sie mit der Total-Adblock-Erweiterung unmöglich von Werbetreibenden getrackt werden können. Außerdem kann die Erweiterung alle Anzeigen blockieren, damit Sie schneller im Internet surfen können.

Wie kann ich Anzeigen entfernen?

Das Geheimnis ist eine brillante neue Browser-Erweiterung namens Total AdBlock. Dieses 100% kostenlose Online-Tool erledigt alles für Sie.

Es ist vollständig automatisiert. Sie benötigen nur 2 Klicks, um alle Anzeigen zu blockieren.

Schritt 1: Klicken Sie unten auf „Ab sofort Werbung blocken“

Schritt 2: Befolgen Sie die einfachen Anweisungen, um den Werbeblocker in Ihrem Browser zu aktivieren.

Total Adblock läuft unbemerkt im Hintergrund und blockiert Anzeigen, um sicherzustellen, dass sich Ihr Online-Erlebnis verbessert und Sie nie wieder eine Anzeige sehen!

Da alles blitzschnell und vollständig automatisiert abläuft, müssen Sie sonst nichts weiter wissen.

Android Users Can Finally Turn Off All Annoying Ads & Get Faster Web Browsing…

This month the “Must-Have” Android app of 2023 was updated, and it’s awesome!

If you’re an Android user, and fed up of seeing constant ads, then this could be one of the most useful articles you will read this year.

Android users across the U.S are in a hurry to get a new app that will instantly remove annoying ads and pop-ups.

Nowadays you struggle to watch a video, browse a news site or even shop online without having an annoying advert thrown at you.

These ads are slowing down your phone and using up to 80% of your data.

How about when you view an item on Amazon or eBay and for the next 3 months you see nothing other than ads for this very same product on every website you visit.

This is because advertisers are tracking you!

The reality is mobile ads are getting worse. More intrusive, more annoying and more harmful.

The good news is, there is finally an Android app which blocks all ads to speed up your browsing by up to 400%.

Total Adblock makes your browsing faster, stops all annoying ads and removes any advertising tracking.

This will save you money on data usage as well as speeding up your web browsing.

Online scams and phishing sites are massively on the rise, Total Adblock will also help you to stay protected by not allowing scam adverts to show.

You can now start to enjoy video streaming sites like YouTube with no ads, so you will never have to wait for an irrelevant ad to finish again.

Millions of Android users across the U.S are now in a hurry to get this incredible app whilst they can at a special introductory price of just $1.99

July 2023 Offer: Whilst it is unknown how long this promotional offer is likely to last, we are encouraging all of our readers to take advantage today to avoid disappointment