This Incredible New Browser Extension Will Never Let You Forget A Password Again… Here’s What You Need To Know

Browser Extension Receives Incredible New Update - August 2023

Top Security Savers
Top Security Savers

This game-changing password manager app has expanded its capabilities and it’s simply outstanding! If you use Edge, Chrome, Firefox or others, this will be the most useful article you read this year!

We’ve all been there, you’re trying to quickly log-in to your favourite online clothes store or streaming service but can’t remember your damn password. Constant red warnings about invalid details and passwords. It’s frustrating because you know it’s just a variation of the same password you use everywhere else! 

We all use these simple variation passwords because they are “easy” to remember, but when it comes to it you never can. Unfortunately, these weak, old and reused passwords are becoming less secure and in fact, 81% of stolen passwords are exactly these!

So if you are guilty of reusing passwords, you’re going to want to listen up as Total Password has just had it’s outstanding 2023 update. 

It is becoming increasingly important to have secure password management, to ensure you don’t fall a victim of password breaches. Did you know that huge companies such as Facebook, Yahoo and LinkedIn have fallen victim to password breaches, of which yours might have been one of them. 

Once a hacker has access to breached passwords they will thoroughly try to access your personal details such as bank details, addresses and phone numbers. So it is of the most importance that your passwords are secured and encrypted. 

How Does Total Password Protect You? 

Here are some of the amazing features that come with the Total Password Package:

✓ Secure Encrypted Storage: AES-256, in simple terms, no person or machine would be able to decrypt data stored by Total Password.

✓ Leaked Password Checker: get notified if your password appears in a data breach, allowing you to be one step ahead. It will recognize and pinpoint any weak or outdated passwords you have, making it easy for you to identify which need replacing using the Password Generator.

✓ Auto-filled Password: it’s time to discard those reused passwords, let Total Password take care of automatically filling in your credentials, speeding up the login process.

Password managers are convenient and secure, so say goodbye to the hassle of managing passwords and the stress of trying to stay safe online.

Experience the comfort that comes from knowing your online accounts are secure by trying Total Password right now for just $2 (A Huge 80% Discount).

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Edit – August 2023: Right now Total Password are including a free adblock product for anyone that sign-ups which is compatible across Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari!