iPhone Users Can Now INSTANTLY Block Ads & It’s So Simple

Top Security Savers
Top Security Savers 25th June 2024

Are you tired of scrolling past endless ads that slow down your iPhone browsing experience? Then this could be your most important read this year…

Shockingly, latest research suggests the average consumer is exposed to nearly 10,000 variations of ads each day; some of which serve their purpose, most however are untargeted, intrusive and in some cases malicious.

This is only set to increase as data suggests Digital Advertising spend skyrocketed 33% in 2021 with the trend set to continue in 2022.

Whilst advertising certainly serves it’s purpose (we all want to know when our dream package holiday is on offer, or, that car you always had your eye on is now on sale), many mobile users are unaware they can actually control what adverts they see, when they see them and crucially, block them altogether.

This is where TotalAdblock shines. Available for iPhones and other major devices, TotalAdblock has recently had a major update allowing you to remove ads, pop-ups, trackers and harmful redirects giving you a faster, safer & more pleasant online experience.

So what does TotalAdblock do?

– Block & Prevent Banners, Pop-Ups, In-Video Ads & Malicious links from loading altogether

– Dramatically reduce your data usage (3G, 4G, 5G & Wifi) helping you better manage your data plan/costs

– Speed up your web browsing experience by reducing page load times and giving you back your real screen estate

– Prevent In-Video ads from interrupting you on popular video sharing websites such as YouTube

– Available on most popular devices including iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones & More!

* research carried out across the top 10 popular news sites showed staggering results

TotalAdblock is now available in the U.S and iPhone users are rushing to take back control of their privacy, security and online browsing experience for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

Don’t just take out word for it, the TrustPilot scores speak for themselves so tap below to take advantage of this offer whilst you still can!

Updated 3rd April 2022: Whilst it is unknown how long this promotional offer is likely to last, we are encouraging all of our readers to take advantage today to avoid disappointment