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Don’t you just love intrusive online ads?
NOPE? me neither…

Here’s how not to see them on your iPhone.

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Smart Security Now 14th April 2024

I just love seeing thousands of annoying, intrusive ads every single time I go online! Said no one ever…

Ever get frustrated by online advertising

Because that’s how I feel whenever I open the browser on my iPhone and get bombarded with ads. 

Nine times out of ten, they’re for something I don’t want or need.

And the last time is usually for something I REALLY don’t want or need.

Did you know that, on average, you see more than 5,000 ads per day online?!?

Maybe someone somewhere LOVES the feeling of constant exposure to more and more ads.

But not me. And if you’re reading this, not you, either.

So what’s to be done about it? Is there a way to banish those pesky ads for good?

Thankfully, yes – there is.


It’s a handy iPhone app called Total Adblock.

And as the name suggests, it totally blocks unwanted ads from your iPhone so you don’t need to suffer them anymore. 

With Total Adblock, all ads are immediately removed from your online experience. Your favorite sites, Youtube, and social media all become ad-free zones.

When I installed Total Adblock, I noticed the difference immediately. My time online is suddenly cleaner, leaner, and less cluttered.

The sites I visit run faster and look better. And I’m not getting constantly distracted by loud and garish ads popping up on my screen.

I also feel more protected and safe online. That’s because Total Adblock stops you from ever seeing malicious ads that contain phishing links and adware.

Plus, I know I’m in good company. Total Adblock has millions of users in the the U.S and worldwide. 

And they have thousands of five-star reviews thanking them for their amazing service.

As a bonus, Total Adblock is excellent value for money

They’re currently running an introductory offer of only $2.99, which is a real steal!

To get started, click below and download Total Adblock to your iPhone. You can kiss annoying ads goodbye and finally browse in peace.


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