Learn How To Block Ads On Your iPhone And Speed Up Your Web Browsing

The “Must Have” iPhone App of 2023 has just been updated !

If you’re looking for a more pleasant, secure and efficient browsing experience which is faster and cleaner; you should consider an ad blocker. An ad blocker has countless advantages because ads can be inconvenient, slow down webpage loading, and use up a lot of data. Because of this, the latest version of Total AdBlock is currently incredibly popular among iPhone users in the the U.S.

You probably don’t realize the effect ads and pop-ups can have on your iPhone. They have a significant impact on your smartphone that you probably aren’t aware of:

  • Ads can use up to as much as 79% of your mobile data. This is due to ads using a large amount of multimedia content, which your phone is forced to download.
  • A single webpage is 51% slower when not using an adblocker. Think of all the time you’ve wasted waiting for endless webpages to load… now think about how much time you would save whilst browsing the web!
  • By accidentally clicking on harmful adverts or pop-ups, you could become a target for fraud and theft.
  • Your viewing experience may be interrupted by YouTube ads.
  • Advertisers can be tracking you between sites

You probably understand the annoyance of running out of mobile data? Or getting charged an outrageous amount for going over your allowance for the month? You won’t believe that an ad blocker could prevent this from happening on your iPhone.

The truth is that mobile advertising is becoming worse, more invasive and irritating. However, there is good news. With the new update on Total AdBlock, all annoying ads are removed and any advertising tracking is eliminated, speeding up your browsing experience.

Not only that, money will be saved on your data usage and you will be more protected from scam adverts. You can now also start to enjoy video streaming sites like YouTube with no ads, so you will never have to wait for an irrelevant ad to finish again.

Take this amazing opportunity to transform your digital life for just $3. Allow yourself to become more productive, whilst saving money and extending the life of your phone. For this small price, Total AdBlock also throws in 3 free licences, allowing you to not only speed up this device, but your others too. is an independent advertising publisher. This webpage is formatted as an advertorial and is brought to you by An advertorial, is an advertisement that is written in an editorial news format. This is an advertisement and not a news article or blog. may receive compensation for clicks, leads or sales which are produced from this webpage. This compensation may affect the companies listed or displayed, along with the views and opinions given. Any information listed may not be applicable in your location.