Millions Of Microsoft Users Are Speeding Up Their PC Using This Simple Trick… (And It’s Free!)

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Top Security Savers 18th May 2024

A revolutionary breakthrough for Microsoft Windows PC users has taken the U.S population by storm and is being widely adopted across the country, thanks to the huge speed-up benefits for personal laptops & computers.

If your computer goes into meltdown every time you open up more than one web page or application, it’s time to learn some new tricks.  There are many myths on how to accelerate both your internet and computer speed for free, but how many of them actually work?

We’ve all seen the DIY Wifi boosters wrapped in tin-foil, factory reset tutorials, and even the misconception that upgrading your Windows operating system or web browser can solve all of your issues.

The truth is, none of these have a chance of working unless you change the way you use your computer.  Problems naturally build up over time and if left unattended,  your machine ultimately becomes clogged up with junk, unwanted files, trackers and inefficiencies dragging down its performance.

You could argue that in the last 2 years, computers have become even more of a crucial part of our day-to-day lives, whether it’s managing our finances, working remotely or even ordering the weekly grocery shop.

A problem that many people face is, a year or so after buying a new PC (likely because the old one was too slow) to find that this too starts acting strange, without any explanation. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone and the fact is, you haven’t done anything wrong. This is actually very normal – and there is now a free solution which is easier than ever!

What if I told you there was a free Clean & Speed Up tool available to Microsoft Windows users, that helps keep your computer fast & healthy, saving you money on maintenance fees and prevents you spending on a new machine before you actually need one?

So, What Is It?

The award winning antivirus company, Scanguard, have recently launched the latest & greatest in PC performance optimization, known as, Clean & Speed Up.

Thanks to expertly trained Microsoft Windows developers at Scanguard, every household in the U.S has been given the opportunity to enhance the speed of their entire PC system, for FREE!


Using the latest in computer technologies, the team have produced a tool that not only regains valuable CPU making your machine run faster (by up to 98%), but also speeds up web page loading times.

Since the launch of this incredible deal, millions of Microsoft Windows users have benefited from the free technology already, and rated it 5★ across Trustpilot!

It’s certain that this free giveaway isn’t going to last forever, and we could advise all of our readers to capitalize on this free promotion, whilst it is still running.

How Do I Claim My Copy & Speed Up My PC For Free?

Simple! Just click the button below to see if the promotion is still available, then follow the on-screen instructions and add it to your browser in a matter of seconds.

Scanguard will then instantly begin clearing junk files, clutter and optimize your web browsing which will accelerate the speed of your PC – For FREE!

Once you have this tool, you can kick back, relax and enjoy the speed of a new machine without the heavy price tag!

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